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Experienced Truck Accident Litigation.

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We promise to identify and aggressively litigate on your behalf for every singular safety violation involved in your trucking-related injury and/or wrongful death.

We promise to remain relentless in holding the trucking company accountable for its violations of mandatory safety laws that are meant to protect us all, and to provide you with the utmost professional service and clear communication at every point of litigation.

When it comes to truck accident litigations, protecting our clients is our first priority. Additionally, we use our experience and expertise in this particular type of law to raise awareness of mandatory truck safety laws. In order to better protect everyone on the road, we have an obligation to pinpoint and hold responsible those trucking companies that choose to ignore required safety practices.

Sadly, inexperienced truck accident lawyers often give these unsafe trucking companies too many loopholes and freedoms to ignore safety requirements. Our most important core value is to challenge and change the trucking industry to accept and uphold its roadway responsibilities — even if that means intense litigation to correct their lax safety standards. It is important to remember that the injured victims of preventable truck collisions are harmed twice: once by the unsafe trucking company that caused the preventable injury or death; and again by the lawyers who fail to expose these safety violations, allowing careless trucking companies to ultimately make our roads more dangerous for everyone.

Because of our level of commitment to our clients involved in truck accident claims, we may only be able to accept a certain number of serious truck accident cases at any given time. If we are unable or cannot accept your case, we also promise to help you find a truly qualified truck accident attorney in your area who has a proven track record and shares our core values of going up against negligent trucking companies of any size.

We recognize that truck accident victims are faced with an overbearing burden of proof, countless solicitations from unqualified attorneys, and pressures from the trucking company to settle on their terms. Our job is to help you realize your rights, challenge the system, and improve the safety for all.

Trucking industry laws

Trucking industry laws include an extensive list of rules known as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) that guide the self-regulated trucking industry above and beyond the general traffic laws that apply to all drivers. These regulations include:

  • License requirements for truck drivers
  • Documentation requirements held by both trucking companies and drivers
  • Limits on consecutive work hours
  • Limits on vehicle weight, size and routes
  • Trucking insurance minimums
  • These regulations and respective interpretations are critical in building an effective and thorough truck accident case.

Use our knowledge and experience to win your case.

Any type of vehicle accident is bad enough; but with a truck or commercial vehicle collision, the repercussions are magnified and often devastating. Sheer size, weight, and potential loss of control of large vehicles increases possible injury or death in a collision. Aside from the excessive vehicle damage, you and your passengers are at risk of serious injuries. Broken bones, brain injuries, severed limbs, paralysis — whatever level of injury you or your passengers, you deserve compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost income or wages
  • Mental and physical pain and suffering

This type of collision is often life changing, if not life threatening, and the key to restoring your quality of life is to take action immediately. We offer a free, no-obligation, initial consultation with one of our experienced truck accident attorneys to help start the process of recovery.

Qualified truck accident attorneys

Hire a qualified truck accident attorney with significant knowledge and experience in truck accident litigation — and recognize that not all truck accident attorneys are what they claim. Most trucking companies are represented by large, highly polished teams of lawyers, so you need to choose a lawyer with extensive experience and success in dealing with truck accident lawsuits and settlements. Your attorney needs the savvy to level the field for fair, justice-focused litigation on your behalf.

Truck accident cases are more complex with several influencing factors. The power and size of large commercial vehicles create a magnified impact in a collision, typically causing more significant damage and injury. Truck accident cases almost always involve:

  • Greater time sensitivity
  • Different laws unique to the trucking industry
  • Magnified dynamics of the collision

We want you to learn as much as possible about the important differences involved with truck accident cases. We are here to help your defense and to help you fight for your full compensation and recovery.

Contact an attorney from Glaser & Ebbs now to answer your questions and help you through the process. Toll-free: (800) 829-2308.